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Why business development? Because top businesses and companies continually and consistently invest in themselves…

Business development and bringing it all together giving you the competitive edge…want to grow your business and avoid the frustrations of considerably damaging your business because you don’t know how to use marketing the right way?

Business has changed…did you know there are a lot of businesses out there, including well-known companies, which fail miserably because they’re using the wrong marketing strategies?

Business development; looking closely at the businesses and companies I’ve helped in the past and more recently, the most successful share two factors:

  1. Quick to take action
  2. Understand the importance of hiring an expert to help guide them in the exact direction they’re wanting to go…

Business development consultants, are experts in their fields which specialise in helping struggling small to medium sized business owners to out-think, out-market and out-sell their competition… and literally dominate their market.

  • Need help to develop your dynamic business profile?
  • Need help measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy?
  • Need help to leverage cash flow and new revenue streams to accelerate your business growth?

Business development, as experts we have been around the block a few times because their experiences make them valuable assets to businesses, companies and organizations in need of their out of the box brilliance.

Business development in the context of your business being in a rock-solid position to beat your competitors with military precision in order to really capitalise on the huge business growth opportunities offered by having a dynamic presence.

If you want the very best independent business development advice you need a experienced business coach and mentor on your side…does that make sense?

John Mignano, business development, marketing strategist

John Mignano – Marketing Strategist & Business Development

Business development means the tools, resources and support you need to achieve continued success. If achieving a profitable business was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

In context to business development, are your business profits easy to compare to before and after from any point in time?

Would you quickly be able to resolve any new problems or are you constantly going back to doing business the old way?

Business development, now you can be confident that no costly mistakes are permanent:

  • Need help with business strategy on regular basis
  • Need help to set clear measurable goals for business
  • Need accountability to ensure you reach goals
  • Need help with marketing strategy scenarios
  • Need help to create key success factors for business
  • Need help to set a defined and concise sales strategy
  • Need help to engage leads, prospects and clients
  • Need help to proactively review sales targets
  • Need help to set financial profits for business
  • Need help to get promotions done which count everyday…

Imagine arriving at your business and being greeted by a flood of ready to buy targeted leads at your doorstep…

You want business development which is personally designed and structured for one specific reason in getting more leads, closing more sales, charging higher prices and making more money, right?

Yes, targeted leads, making it easier for you to begin each day armed with the knowledge and action plan you need to be productive, would that be a fantastic way to start each day?

Business development is specifically designed for lead generation to do exactly that by helping you reach out to your targeted market.

The key to this business development result is in understanding these prospects are ready to buy because they actually want your help and are interested in what you have to offer.

Please allow me to explain…

These days, business development means a successful business has more than just a focus on products and services:

business development

Business Development – Critical elements of proper business development process

Business development – critical elements of proper business development process:

  • Improve revenues from current clients
  • Consistently outwitting competition
  • Crack the code to winning new clients
  • Increase market reputation and referrals
  • Enhance client satisfaction levels
  • Deliver profitable growth
  • Clear, concise plan for the future
  • Improve staff retention and motivation
  • Enhance client satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operational costs

Business development, the reality of competition means you cannot ignore technology and growing your online presence. So where do you start?

Websites, blogs, social media, mobile marketing and link building are already more than a handful. All projects require feasability studies, timelines and a marketing strategy with clear planning, attention to detail and lots of creativity.

Business development needs a proper system in place because all your advertising and online efforts would be useless, and you could easily end up with no leads to show for it.

Business development, why a consultant? Because there are thousands of consultants online with different backgrounds and expertise, how do you know which one or two do you pick for your team?

Keep reading and you’ll discover the key qualities of a business development coach, which help business owners and differentiates a good consultant from a stellar consultant…

Passion and drive. A good consultant loves and breaths business. Marketing flows through their veins. The drive for success is strong and naturally cascades into every campaign…

Understanding you…the client. It is crucial for consultants to listen and understand their clients. They must be good listeners to be able to cooperate and allow clients to provide input…at the same time, clearly explain every step of the process.

Organization. Your consultant must be effective in terms of excellent skills in planning, strategizing, and executing plans. Time management and attention to details are also key aspect in organization.

Knowledge. The right education and skills are critical factors to business development. A consultant must know and understand people and the marketing process. How consumers think, behavior, identify target markets and study consumer needs and wants.

Communication Skills. Your consultant must craft and convey your marketing message effectively to your audience. The key development of cost effective and profitable written and verbal communications needs to be top notch.

Creativity. In the marketing mix, advertising is key. How you position and promote your products or services are important. Your consultant must draw up creative ideas to promote your business and think of ways to cleverly execute them.

Critical Thinking. An excellent consultant doesn’t just spew awesome ideas for your campaign. These ideas must also drive results.

Critical thinkers provide your company with sustainable growth and revenues, not just a one-time boom in your business.

Extensive Network. Having an impressive contact list speaks a lot about a consultant. An extensive network allows your consultant to pool in influential people to participate in your marketing activities, boosting publicity for your brand.

Credibility. In some industries, being “streets smart” isn’t enough. Key certifications or notable licenses are indications of a consultant’s knowledge and skills in marketing.

Experience. A consultant must have years of experience working with different businesses, companies and organizations because an extensive background allows a consultant to quickly analyse, diagnose and offer cost effective solutions to your various problems…

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Some key business development topics discussed:

  • Best strategies to integrate into your business
  • How to adds value, monetize and structure your business
  • Why strategic marketing enhances return on investment (ROI)
  • How to get deeper customer insights & engage customers better
  • Why change focus to increasing your profitability
  • How leveraging competition improves your profitability
  • And much, much more…

Business Development

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