Why Use a Proxy?

Web Proxy Server

One of the legitimate uses of a proxy site is to get around blocked content…

John Mignano

What if the content contains one or two words that triggers a filter which has been identified as inappropriate for viewing?

Proxies allow you to get around heavy firewalls at colleges, universities, work, office and public library computers that block or filter access.

Proxy sites have been around for quite a while, but it’s only recently their use has come into vogue with the mainstream Internet crowd.

Affiliates in particular have found a lot of uses for Internet marketing in their respective niches.

Proxy sites are great for smart affiliates to test CPA network offers and more than just shenanigans.

This is usually accomplished with the use of keywords that are programmed into the filter, which in turn blocks any page or site with those words present.

While this does block access to a number of sites that have nothing to do with work, they can also inhibit access to pages and glossaries that are designed to be helpful.

When this is the case, an employee may choose to use a proxy site to get around the block and be able to get to a page that he or she legitimately needs to view in order to accomplish a work related task.

Since using a proxy site does not take much longer than using a browser window, it is much faster than calling technical support and trying to get authorization to remove a given site from the filter list.

Why use a Proxy Service provider?

A web proxy is a service which allows the user to surf the net anonymously.

A web-based proxy is a service that allows you to bypass your own internet provider and browse using the proxy web-based website.

All that you have to do is type the website address you would like to visit in the form they provide, and start browsing.

Once you keep browsing using that form, you are protected and your *real* ip address is not being logged.

When using a web proxy, not only is your identity hidden but you will be able to escape filters and firewalls from an internet connection.

Browsing the internet via a web proxy protects you by allowing the host machine (proxy server) to represent you on the net.

In most cases your job, school, or even your country may prevent you from accessing your favorite websites, so a web proxy will circumvent this…

Another benefit of using a web proxy is that it will often allow you protection against spyware and popups!

Why use a proxy to spy on your competition?

What if you want to advertise on a specific ad network or platform?

Affiliate marketers (CPA affiliates) can make use of proxies to get around IP filters that block the ability of looking at web pages that are not related to specific country restrictions.

One purpose of a proxy is to make the outside world think the proxy server is doing everything, so you can look at any cpa affiliate offer and landing pages.

What if you want to use facebook and your IP address is blocked from seeing ads in countries you want to advertise?

Facebook uses your IP address to deliver ads, so if you want to get around geo-targeting or country restrictions and filters it is best to use a proxy.

Even though facebook blocks ads from other countries outside your IP address, you’re accessing a proxy and not facebook, so it does not stop you.

Facebook proxy bypass servers are necessary if you have some reason to hide your IP address either of your internet connection, or of the site to which you are trying to connect.

Why should you want to do this, how do Facebook proxy providers work?

Why Use a Proxy Bypass?

What if you want to advertise on Facebook, but also Friendster, MySpace and any other website you are unable to access directly?

Maybe you’ve heard of proxy sites but have never used one. Or maybe you’re in a particular situation and thought that a proxy would be a good idea.

Whatever your motive might be, you’ll find that sites offering proxy services make for excellent companions on the Internet.

If you’ve never tried one before, here are a few reasons to start today.

There are many web based proxies to choose from. Click here to use a secure and reliable web proxy service now!