Are You Banking On Affiliate Marketing?

Why Aren’t YOU Referring Others to FREE Offers and Getting Paid For It?

John Mignano

It’s not getting any easier…or is it?

How to bank hundreds or thousands of dollars in “sales” in 3 short weeks?

The more you know about your leads and prospects, the better you’ll be able to find and target ads to them.

If you’ve spent any time in the trenches of internet marketing over the past few years…

You know precisely what I’m talking about.

Marketing online, this process of giving away free offers is called “CPA” (Cost Per Action).

Yes! It literally is the fastest growing segment of the internet and most profitable skill you can learn today.

This “CPA” model is now a $40 billion + industry!

For example: (it’s how much money is paid to CPA networks who organize the quickly growing collection of free offers for their users to give away)…

The industry is projected to grow to a Trillion dollars very quickly (do you agee with this trend prediction?)

CPA offers are huge and will be for years to come.

Here’s why…simply the way you make money with CPA is by driving traffic to specific CPA offers.

You get a slice of the action when people to take a specific action.

Whether it’s filling out a zip code, email address or a form.

Now, for advertisers it’s a great way to build leads and many advertisers are willing to pay you anywhere from $1, $15 or more dollars just to get a lead.

And for you…because you don’t have to push or sell, you just drive traffic and/or refer visitors to a specific website and they take a specific action.

Such as fill-out their zip code, email address, a short survey or questionnaire in trade for a free incentive…

Advertises will then pay you (more specifically, they pay the “CPA Network” who then pays you a percentage of that payment).

You earn anywhere from $1-$15 or a lot more for each new lead you successfully referred.

A very simple form of lead generation.

When placing your media buying share this data with the publisher or Ad
networks so they can target and optimize your campaign properly.

You helping create leads for an advertiser by promoting the free sample or free incentive they’re willing to give to anyone who will take a certain action.

For example: Many CPA offers require filling-out zip codes, email address,  mobile number, a survey, etc)…you definitely “get it” now!

This has nothing to do with you filling out surveys or other silly time wasters to get paid a few cents.

Instead it’s about you learning to effectively give away A LOT of free stuff, which then produces $0.50, $1, $3, $8 etc for each lead you’ve referred.

YOU don’t actually have to sell any product in the process and you never have to promote or pitch sales…

Although, in the next update I’ll show you an outrageous way to get higher conversion rates, (surprisingly hardly anyone talks about it).

Unlike other methods of making money online, where you’re forced to push and shove products or services in front of prospects…

You’re only making money when they actually buy.

With CPA offers, you can easily make hundreds of dollars a week without ever having to sell (technically you can choose CPA offers that are sales based).

The bottom line is:

1 – You don’t have to sell because your money is made by referring users to risk-free or free trial offers

2 – Lead generation is the most important part of just about every business in the world

Learn this skill even modestly well and not only is it a money maker for you, also you become a very valuable sort after “go to guy”…

If you decide to sell your expertise in the form of services.

How Much Do Some of These CPA Offers Pay?

Take a look at what people are earning right now…

  • Earn $18.50 for every one page request filled out by your referred visitors.
  • Earn $3.50 for every email address collected on your website
  • Earn $5.00 for every ‘information request’ submitted by a referred visitor
  • Earn $19.00 per month for trial subscription requests

That’s just a few examples.

In truth, there are more CPA offers available than you are ever likely going to take advantage of or even hear of!

Log into a handful of CPA network accounts, accept offers and follow the training provided to effectively promote offers.

Therefore, you can generate leads for the advertiser.

It’s simple money for you.

Now, this is your chance to take advantage of a trend with no stop in sight.

Here’s why…there’s not a single business in the world that couldn’t use more qualified leads, right?

Call it industry trends or market trends…

Many companies have such a profitable sales funnel they’ll happily give away product samples or free access to their services.

They pay someone (like you) to give these free trials away on their behalf and that’s the money you could be grabbing right now.

Limited Time Only: If you want to use CPA marketing & media buying for your own profitable sales funnel, contact us and we’ll help you get set-up.

BTW. Up till now this information has been closely guarded and only available to a select few…a tiny handful of high paying clients who were accepted.

Clients who many of them prefer to remain anonymous having paid to work with us redesigning their websites and media buys, (I don’t do any launches).

This flat out drives massive amounts of targeted traffic to any campaigns. In fact, I’m really only interested in working with people who “get it” & go for it.

I’m not gonna hard sell or lie to you like some gurus. I make way more money doing this than teaching anyway. Do you qualify…its only for serious people.


Are You Banking On Affiliate Marketing?