Landing Page Keys to Your CPA Marketing Success

One of the most common CPA Marketing questions is in regards to landing pages.

John Mignano

John Mignano

Whether or not you’re going to be using a landing page…it’s your choice.

Most of the time you’re thinking: “what will give me the highest CTR and return on investment ROI?”.

You don’t always plan the pre-selling an offer and how to focus on higher conversion rates once the visitor does in fact click through.

In some niches, you do need to presell the product and you want the visitor to take action.

As an affiliates do you ask if you should:

  • Direct link to a CPA offer
  • Why use a landing page
  • What the landing page design should look like
  • What landing page template works best
  • How to get a good landing page quality score, etc…

Keep reading and you’ll get good information about landing pages.

So let’s start off with the question… Do you direct link an CPA offer or use a landing page?

Couple of points to consider about this question:

1) Do you know if other affiliates are making money from direct linking?

Direct linking saves you a lot of time, effort and money because it’s easy to get an offer running, right?

2) Have you personally had success using direct linking?

Short term, I’ve had offers do well here and there for a couple weeks.

Basically, you should use your own landing page to build lists.

The next crucial point I want to make about landing pages is:

Landing pages should be matched for each unique offer and vertical (market or industry).

Of course it all depends on many factors, yet typically you want to be using a landing page for different offers.

You want to target different demographic audiences and you have to be aware of your biggest audience and how to target them.

For example:

Generally someone searching for ringtones is the 16 – 18 years looking for a ringtone of his/her favorite band.

Someone searching for dental insurance is going to be a completely different person, so the landing page design will need to reflect the target audience.

Flash graphics will work great for your ringtone seeker, but you never really see pink flashing text saying “Get Your Dental Insurance Now!”, right?

So while it’s going to be tough to write an “end all” landing page article, I’ll try to give as much advice as I can.

Communicate with your visitor.

These are people clicking on your ads searching for a solution, right?

Most affiliates think the solution is to put a flashing button: “Click here to continue!” in the center of a page.

Do you think this is really giving your visitor a valuable solution?

In certain industries this may work.

In some cases by adding relevant content to your page you can actually increase both CTR and conversion rates.

People need to know the offer you’re going to send them to will be a solution to their problem.

A lot of affiliates use flashy Web 2.0 graphics with gradients, shadows and reflections believing this will lead to higher CTR and conversion rates.

I’ve tested a lot of dental insurance offers more than five months ago and the CTR was consistently 82%. Why? Because I communicated with my visitor.

The landing page used was a simple and plain page. In fact, header graphics were ugly and the images weren’t matched properly.

The page content talked about saving money on dental insurance and how easy it was to sign up for a new dental plan.

Graphics weren’t amazing, but the visitor got a good experience and found what they were looking for.

What are the demographics?

Someone looking for dental insurance is probably a middle aged person who looks at their computer once a day to check their emails and maybe Google.

They’re not web developer or the next generation of internet entrepreneur.

When he/she searchs for dental insurance what are they looking for?

Maybe they want a reliable and affordable plan?

Mix the offer’s brand into your landing page.

Here’s why…I get higher conversion rates doing this.

Instead of saying “Welcome to…this is where you’ll find a offers for top dental insurance plans”…

Would it be better to presell? I’ll say it again – it may depend on the offer, but I’ve tested my own landing pages by talking about the offer I’m going to send them too, they’re prepared for the page change after they click through.

Landing page quality score.

This tip is to help Google see your landing page as more relevant, but do you really need to include content and have a good user experience?

Good question.

In my experience with many tests, as long as you match keywords to ad and it’s in excellent standing (good relevancy, good CTR), pages don’t get slapped.

My last three offers I’ve run used basic pages. The key was using articles which linked to other articles deeper in the page.

They haven’t been slapped at all yet, minimum bids are still around $0.03 and the offer is converting great. So, why am I sharing my experience?

You want to build visitor trust.

The more your visitor trusts you and understands the offer, the more likely they will take action and you’ll benefit from that action to complete a form.

Why Use review style landing pages?

Why are there so many review-style landing pages out there?

Coupled with the right offer review style landing pages can work great.

The review landing page bridges the gap and helps visitors to your page connect and better define the solution to their problem.

It cuts out confusion when they click and the page changes, as you’ll be sending them right to the offer they want.

Here’s a couple tips for making review style landing pages :

1) Test how many reviews/offers you use on each page.

Keep it tightly focused to just one or two closely matched offers and test your CTR.

You may easily realize a 25% increase in conversion rates and profit.

2) Don’t rate all reviews with 5 stars.

Put your best converting offers at the top and use 5 stars, the bottom of the review list should use 3 stars at most.

This helps increase confidence and makes the visitor feel the reviews are balanced and honest.

Make sure the top reviews are the highest rated offers ( put your best offer with highest payout, etc).

3) Highlight main points of the offer.

Write a personal review so you’re going to want to point out the highlights.

For example:

  • Short form takes 2 minutes to fill out
  • It is free, only requires payment for shipping

In your “our review” section write about why visitor rated this site being the best solution for “problem”.

Use iframing for the offer can work great too.

You can iframe after the person clicks through.

This will work for some offers and not for others.

For example:

Ringtone offer it works great. You’d have your carrier page and if the person clicks on Verizon, you send them to

By doing this, you have control of your traffic.

When it comes to ringtones, it doesn’t really matter if the visitor thinks they’re getting the solution from your site.

You control the page and traffic.

Now you can have “Download Verizon Ringtones – Step 1″, and maybe a header to highlight the above title.

On a review style page this wouldn’t really work.

Use heat maps to test and track visitor behavior and hot-spots.

You want to use CrazyEgg or similiar service to test what your visitors are looking/clicking, you can then make changes to improve CTR.

If there’s a hot-spot you want to continually improve performance so you can add your “continue” button there and increase clicks through rates.

Testing is the key.

When it comes to landing pages, split test headlines and test one element at a time. Test each new element over and over again.

  • Colors and background color variations
  • Number of reviews per page
  • Headline and sub head
  • Text and content
  • Images and graphics
  • Button placement
  • Offers, etc…

You can keep increasing your CTR and long term make more money.

These are some of the landing page keys to your CPA marketing success!