Banner Teasers

Would you agree a banners sole job is to get a prospect to click through to what lies beneath? See you on the other side…

John Mignano

When it comes to how to make a banner, banner design or developing a banner creator for your banner advertising campaigns…

Do you ever consider using the fig leaf banner maker approach?

Let’s take a look at flash banner or animated banner to effectively increase the result of displaying your ad, and what lies beneath your landing page.

By creating the banner, the goal is to stimulate curiosity of the site’s visitors you can increase the click-through rate and/or click through ratio to your landing page significantly.

Those visitors are just itching to know what lies beneath that “fig leaf” right?

But how exactly do you do that?

1/: Leave Em’ Hanging.

Present an incomplete thought in the ad message and promise to finish it if they click through to the landing page.

Here’s an example:

The Foreclosure Disaster that Didn’t Happen…Thousands of Happy Home Owners Agree…Click Here to Save Your Home Too!

2/: The Take Away Close Technique.

A take away close is simply a statement in your copy that points out that “this may not be for you” and it usually includes a qualifier.

It can be a very powerful motivator.

For example:

This may not be for you unless you need to loose 20 or more pounds…don’t Click Here unless you want to get really skinny!

3/: Someone’s Lying To You

People love a good conspiracy and are very skeptical by nature.  Use their skepticism to motivate them to click by promising to reveal the conspiracy or expose the lie in your landing page.

Here’s an example:

Washington Conspiracy – the shameless government cover-up that’s worth billions to greedy drug companies… Click Here to learn how this sleazy shame is killing you.

4/: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity isn’t just the downfall of cats, humans also share the affliction.

Perhaps that might explain our sick fascination with Anna’s baby daddy.

So how do you use that curiosity to get more prospects to click through to your landing page?

Here’s an example:

True or False? Watching television is worse for your health than French fries? Click Here now to find out!

That’s just a few of the ways you can use curiosity, intrigue, conspiracy and the forbidden to drive massive amounts of traffic to your landing pages.

Challenge yourself to at least make a banner or make banners that are based on creatively using the fig leave web banners (or banner teasers) formula…

And as long as your banner is on a site that attracts your right demographic, and that demographic has demonstrated it will buy a product similar to yours…

And your landing page has strong copy which can convert those curious prospects into buyers, it’s safe to bet the more traffic you drive the higher your sales will be.