Live Search Reports for Advertising

What if you’re an affiliate…are you targeting your advertising?

John Mignano

Are you in the behavioral advertising or marketing advertising game?

What are the impressions, higher click through rates with relevant keyword value worth to you?

Search Funnels are a new name that give you a new set of reports available only in AdWords describing the Google search ad click and impression behavior leading up to a conversion.

What if you’re using AdWords Conversion Tracking or importing your Google Analytics goals into AdWords?

Firstly…what are search funnels?

Currently, conversions in AdWords are tracked by the last ad clicked before the conversion happened. What if that visitor or customer perform multiple searches prior to finally converting?

These reports provide data on how search funnel keywords that are behavioral on the conversion path prior to the last ad click.

These funnels are the intentions users take when seeing and clicking on your ads after doing a search on, on the way to converting.

Typically the numbers look back 30 days prior to the conversion.

If you check your top conversions report, search funnels give you a total of 7 reports including:

  • Assisted conversions
  • First click analysis
  • Last click analysis
  • Time lag between clicks
  • Path length

Take a look at this video giving an overview of the new reports, to learn more…

How is search funnels data which gives you more data to help you gauge the true value of your keyword and ads in AdWords?

The buzz word is intention and by showing whether an ad was shown prior to a conversion and whether it was clicked or not, they help you analyze assist relationships.

For example: Want to find out if generic keywords actually made the conversions from a branded keyword search and vice versa?

You’re no longer limited to a seeing data in the form of a last click perspective in AdWords because you get real time stats based on behavior.

Take a look at the AdWords help center for a complete description of the new reports and metrics.

These reports are currently in beta, and again, they’ll be available in your AdWords account over the next few weeks…