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Business growth – do you know and understand the three steps to optimizing your customer database, maximizing return on investment (ROI) and increasing profits, including boosting sales results?

business coaching

Business growth – your business depends upon your skills and ability to focus with razor sharpness.

Business growth and why you want business coach? Business coaches are business people with highly specialised skills…

Business Growth and business coaching go hand in hand. Its all about helping your business grow to get customers and sell more products or services.

Business growth, how to grow your business by 30% in less than 1 year? Let’s take a closer look at three fundamental steps to get superior results.

Business growth – you know business revolves arond spendiing money to get quality leads, right?

In fact, you’re already spending money day and night to constantly generate new business, right?

Business growth – three steps to more paying clients and driving leads into your sales pipeline for increasing cash flow:

Business growth utilises a lot of specific strategies and tactics. In fact, just for my own privacy reasons I’m not publicy sharing the ones I leverage for core business…

Business growth

Business Growth - sales and marketing as your number one priority

Business growth – after playing both coins of the game and collectively gathering lots of insider information, here are a few I’d recommend based on powerful ways which you can increase profits.

A great way to start is in the area of time management, incrementally schedule first two hours of every day to sales and marketing. If none of this makes sense you may want to get a sales and marketing course.

Business growth with a few proven and reliable tactics, which work if you put them to work in your business today:

  • Get on the phone and call past clients or potential leads
  • Asking current happy and statified clients for referrals
  • Distributing specific how to articles in local papers
  • Creating Google advertising to bring new sales leads
  • Retraining and refining your sales staff presentation skills
  • Mailing coupons to get new leads or increase customer retention
  • Linking website to other non-competing sites in your market
  • Reworking website to maximise response and conversion rates
  • Training staff to upsell, connect and enagage better with clients
  • lncrease your prices 5%, research shows you won’t lose many clients, if any, make a colossal difference to your profits

Business growth – getting one-on-one advice form a businesss coach. Time and time again I’ve seen business owners raise prices 5 or 10% and get more clients. Why?

In one word perception. People assume if a company charges more than competitors the quality of their product or service must be higher.

Business growth – Fear based marketing. You want to find out what your target audience fears. Fear, what holds them back in their life and what keeps them up at night (how your product or service helps).

If you’re thinking about selling a product or sevice, you want find out what your target audience fears the most, making sure your product or service helps eliminate or get rid of that fear…

If you already have a customer database, start asking questions to find out exactly what are their fears. You can fine tune, tweak or find more products or services to fulfill their needs or wants (there is a difference).

Business growth – Promise of relief. So you’ve found out the fear of your customers, now what do you do with this valuable information?

Business growth – these tactics aren’t difficult to implement, in fact 5 minutes reading you’re already in a position to start implementing in your own business and increasing your profits.

You can create a product or service, which eliminates guess work in providing relief, makes your client’s life easier. You strategically position your product or service to save the day and elimiante their fear, right?

Business growth – Where’s the money. To maximize your sales you want to be able to communicate better to allow people to know why you are the business person to solve their problem or fear.

Business growth, simply revolves around providing the solution so people will give you their money. Its pretty simple, right? You want to focus 80% of your time in sales and marketing. Why?

What if you’re not making consitant sales or profits in your business? It’s probably because you’re not getting customers in the door.

Business growth – it means you want to shift your core strategy and business into marketing and sales mode.

Business growth – is simply obvious, yet what if you don’t have the time? Do you believe your product or service solves their problems?

You can provide success stories showing how you get results and why you have the credentials…so they literally throw their money at you.

Fear is a very powerful emotional feeling, so should you use fear to your advantage? Fear can often backfire if you’re not aware of the pitfalls.

Business growth with examples of these three steps in action? Let’s take a closer look at a couple of easy to implement examples.

Business growth example #1: Imagine if your customers have concerns about earning more profit from SEO on their website?

You can provide an informational product or home study video course, which helps relieve this fear of losing out on money.

Business growth example #2: The diet industry.
The diet industry preys on fear of being overweight and targets the laziness in people by providing an easy relief solution through meal replacemnets, diet pills, diet programs and gadgets.

The diet weight losss industry works on the fear that people feel like they will never be able to lose weight unless they order their diet products.

Business growth – what if you take the lessons and lead from the diet industry and uncover the fears of your customers?

Imagine you can provide the magical solution, with credibility to stand behind it, then you maximize your profit in no time.

Business growth – what if you are confused, frustarted and fearful to take action? What if you don’t want to?

Well, its your choice…however, you’re in business to make money and you could be losing thousands if not millions of dollars in profits.

Business growth success story Hayden Keys – Naturopath, Menai, NSW Australia.

Hayden Keys – Naturopath

Hayden Keys – Naturopath

“Working with 1BusinessCoaching has been a godsend for me and my business. They’ve saved me months of stuffing around trying out the various “gurus” ideas only to find out they don’t work as well as they promised.

John cuts right to the chase and get things happening, no BS, only systems that work!… for me that’s priceless.

I originally went to them to help me launch an online arm of my business, but they have opened my eyes to offline possibilities within my business that I never knew I had; referrals, continuity programs, loyalty programs and joint ventures.

They really know their stuff. The systems they have helped me implement have synchronized both arms of my business so that now I have an ever increasing sales funnel bringing new clients in and recycling existing ones. But most importantly they have shown me how to grow my business without having to work more hours.

They are teaching me systems to automate my business so that it becomes a 24/7 money making machine! Thanks John for the energy and excitement you bring with you is infectious and the value it’s added to my business is incalculable.


Business growth success story Sean K Kelly, Internet Marketer – QLD Mackay Australia

Sean Kelly - Internet Marketer

Sean Kelly - Internet Marketer

“I first met John Mignano quite by accident some time ago while searching for a solution to a problem I had been having with one of my affiliate marketing sites.

At the time John was kind enough to give me some great free advice which offered me several very quick and simple solutions to what I had considered a huge stumbling block and which I would never have thought of without him.

Since joining him at he has been a constant source of encouragement and incentive. His depth of knowledge and experience is amazing and his super friendly approach in dealing with people creates a personal “one on one” comfort zone which makes me feel as though he has been a close friend for years.

As an affiliate marketer I am constantly facing the stiffest competition in promoting products online and John’s advice in marketing techniques have offered me a huge advantage over my competition which has taken me from a floundering newbie to a figure which has enabled me to become a full time internet marketer.

With the internet and marketing techniques constantly changing, it is imperative for me to have a mentor who keeps me up to date with those changes and John provides me with very regular updates.

I have no hesitation in giving John at my highest recommendation to anyone involved in business on or off the internet.” Sean K Kelly, Internet Marketer , QLD Mackay Australia


Business growth success story Philip Bourrillon From Enviroprint

“John when I spoke to you about this business idea I had, you made every detail clear and well-established! Now I’ve seen all that is possible I am glad to be part of this exclusive Membership.

Your best chance for long term success is when you believe you have or can development the skills you need to perform. You’ve created a system so people will be really focused on success with quality products and service.

And the level of resources, special reports, newsletter updates, audio content, instructional videos, it’s all there and much more. Then you go the extra mile with a top notch cash-spitting performance based coaching.

Amazing. Anyone serious about success and making money needs to team up with you guys…the whole package is awesome” Philip Bourrillon, St.Kilda, Australia. (Enviroprint- uses environmentally sustainable printing)


Business growth sucess story Ryan Jackson – Design Guru Ryan

Ryan Jackson - Design Guru Ryan

Ryan Jackson - Design Guru Ryan

“John continues to be an exceptional help to me in the area of marketing and business growth.

His constant reliable support and responsiveness has made it easy to understand somewhat difficult marketing steps which has enabled me to quickly apply effective strategies to my business that result in successful outcomes.

John is an amazing guy, always willing to help and has a wealth of experience under his belt. I highly reccomend him for business coaching and implementation of all your marketing strategies.” Ryan Jackson -Design Guru


Business growth – some business owners always assume business coaching is the same as business consulting. Is there a difference?

Let’s go back to understanding lifetime value of customers (LTV). Why? Because it’s expensive to get a new customer and time consuming.

In fact, a far easier method is to get your current customers to spend more with you. Think about it. Your clients already know and trust you.

Business growth – your clients have already purchased your products or services before so they’ve faith in you, right?

Business growth – imagine increasing profits and boosting sales by 20%. It’s far easier to get your current clients to spend more, rather than spending more to get new leads.

As a business owner do you feel you’re not thinking about business in this way? You can do it yourself or is it not the case all of the time?

Look, there are cases where it is true, so what if you don’t take charge of your time? As you know, your time is valuable. So why do you want to be always reacting to other people’s demands or urgent requests?

Business growth and why making money is easy? Imagine you’ve built relationships with clients and they like, trust and respect your expertise.

The fact is marketing is one of the most cost effective, fastest and lucrative mediums of all, if you do it right and it’s not difficult.

What happens if you do a lot of marketing and it feels like it’s just another game where you’re constantly beating your high score?

Business growth – it gets boring to be honest because you know you can do it so there’s no challenge anymore even if the rewards are great.

Are you seeing business growth from another perspective? That’s why I started searching for new challenges and other types of rewards.

Business growth means from zero to $4000 per day. This is a different, yet very fulfilling type of reward. That’s what a business coach can do in terms of helping you, it’s not because you don’t believe you can’t do it yourself…

Business growth makes use of problems because you’re seeing your business with fresh eyes and new skills with a different type of reward.

Business growth is not a problem if the reward is helping you grow your business faster…because knowing isn’t the same as doing.

That’s why business coaching keeps you on track and accountable. You want business growth from a strong minded business coach, which make sure you get done what you know you need to get done.

Business growth so you get better results. What if you’re serious about business growth. Did you get value out of the 3 steps we showed you?

Thanks. Your valued comments or questions are welcome and encouraged.

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