Business Mentor

Business Mentor

Business mentor – why you need a business mentor? You know what your industry needs? Is your business growing rapidly or is your business growth slowing down?

Business mentor – Forrester is predicting online marketing is going to surpass TV advertising in 2016. It may seem too distant to worry about now, however it means more attention, more focus and more to do for all of us in business…


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Business mentor – skill sets and tasks easier for the more experienced. In a nutshell that’s what a mentor can bring to the table…wouldn’t you agree?

A mentor is a vital part of your industry because they provide leadership and guidance for younger professionals.

For example in sports, you create a dynasty by continuing a successful execution of a plan through multiple generations of players.

Yes, it’s basically the same formula in business. A mentor identifies the gap and provides the bridge to skills, successes and knowledge gained.

Business mentor – ask yourself why would you want to go it alone and not learn from failures of the past? Why not be guided in the right direction? Click play to watch this video…

Most successful business people will tell you they have a mentor — in some cases, even a network of mentors.

As the songs say, “Everybody’s gotta serve somebody” and everybody has “Someone to lean on.” To quote another cliché,

“No man is an island” — the advice and guidance of others is extremely important in helping to shape the character of the man or woman) you can become.

I feel our business has neglected mentorship for too long; not enough people take the time to pursue or follow up on opportunities to become business mentors.

It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think to find a mentor. To be one is even simpler. To find a business mentor, you just need to identify people whose experiences and character resonate with you.

These people may work in your business vertical, or not.

Business mentors can provide guidance in all areas of your life — anything from process and industry experience to stress management, time management, interpersonal skills and even in finding work/life balance.

Any area of your life that provides an opportunity for growth can benefit from mentorship.

On the other end, as a mentor, you’re provided with two primary areas of benefit. There’s a sense of satisfaction in being able to help someone else in his or her career.

Also, you can personally benefit from the introspection that’s part of the process..

As another popular saying goes, “The best way to learn is to teach.” Sometimes, sitting down and discussing challenges and solutions with someone else can provide you with an epiphany about how to handle yourself in a new way, further maturing your own character.

The industry could, and should, provide opportunities for mentorship and connecting younger professionals with more seasoned ones, but the process also relies on you.

You can take the initiative to find people whom you look up to, or whose experiences you value, and ask them if they would grab lunch.

Business mentorship does not have to be a formal relationship; it can simply be a lunch, dinner, or even coffee with someone.

It doesn’t cost a lot, but the benefits can be felt for years to come.

Business mentor is someone to emulate and aggressively learn from in many ways.

Business Mentor