Why Email “The List” For CPA Offers?

Cash flow business is the name of the game and you want to successfully keep promoting CPA offers (money machine)!

John Mignano

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Allow me to explain…

You want cost per action to be profitable, right?

This is about how to email for free and follow up for the CPA affiliate and successful affiliate marketing

And why building an email list of contacts and/or customers with follow up is the real backbone of a winning cash flow business model.

The follow up email is the most important part of any cash flow business, (especially your own CPA business)…

Now, the most crucial part of any contact email list is security in knowing you can send this existing list to any CPA offer (same or new CPA offers).

In other words, what are you going to do with a list of email addresses?

The key is to monetize (or monetizing) your email list over and over again.

This winning cash flow business strategy is logical and simple.

The powerful is you own and control this source of ready made traffic…

It’s your lead generation system for affiliate marketing you can effectively use to create a big list.

Cash on demand techniques using mini e-course squeeze pages.

And really, it is so simple anyone can do it.

Firstly, there are merchants who post their articles on ezinearticles.com or they have articles available for your own promotion on their site.

Ask them if it is o.k. to use those articles to create an e-course.

You can do this with 2-3 merchants linking to each merchant separately.

Of course, make sure to use your affiliate SUB-ID or tracking code in there.

And the approval from any merchant will go a long way in keeping it legit.

Creating and e-course example for weight loss market:

  1. 10 Simple diet changes to drop pounds in your spare time.
  2. Drop 40 pounds with 7 secret exercises to shape your abs, butt and thighs
  3. Amazing New and easy ways keeping the weight off…

Here is proven method you can use to create a mini e-course or tutorial.

  1. Very simple…just find an expert in the field and interview them.
  2. Learn exactly what needs to be done to get the desired results.
  3. Look, even if you do know something about the “problem”
  4. You want to create a really powerful tutorial
  5. Simply go to a specific niche forum and post a question in there asking what and how to do…
  6. Craft a compelling title to get the experts to respond (answer questions).
  7. Don’t stop there, go and look at past threads and see what was covered…

Yes, the main take away from this guide is make the squeeze page, simple, short and sweet.

Do different steps (use undercover strategies and techniques) and the extra profits will be helpful to you :)

The reason you want to use undercover strategies for your CPA offers is to build the list fast and big.

Well, I could not believe how fast this strategy works.

If you don’t have the skill, find someone who does 😉

You should be working on getting traffic. Period!

No matter what techniques you use:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Articles
  • Ads
  • Banners

Just pick one, work on it, get the traffic and move on the next CPA offer.

After most of the initial work is set and done, all you do is drive traffic and send e-mail messages from time to time.

Now, this part is really important…even more than building your email list.

You need to split test CPA offers and track your links.

How to know what brings in the cash flow, if you don’t track it?

Grab your own spreadsheet showing how to split test and track.

Download your FREE copy of Money Machineand use a separate spreadsheet for each project.

Still wondering why email “The List” for CPA offers?

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