How To Connect CPA Offers From CPA Networks?

As a CPA affiliate are you wanting to jump straight into affiliate marketing success?

John Mignano

John Mignano

How do you decide which CPA network to focus on first?

What CPA network in terms of actually taking the time to research and connect to your affiliate marketing campaign?

It’s all about volume…actually pretty simple.

Which CPA offer is going to bring you more traffic faster?

As you know there are hundreds of CPA offers spread across dozens of different CPA networks, right?

So what type of affiliate programs are right for you?

How do you jump into this CPA affiliate game in a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks?

Well, this really depends on your personal ambition, ultimate goals and the
speed with which you want to realize the end results.

If you’re wanting an extra $1k to $10k per month, obviously your approach is very different from someone wanting to turn this into a 7 – 8 figure business.

The truth is…it’s achievable with no maximum, however does it mean a full time commitment?

As a minimum, if you want to successfully learn strategic marketing and performance aspects of running a cost per action affiliate marketing business…

You can start on a small scale in as little as 5 to 10 focused, dedicated and concentrated hours per week.

This is the minimum necessary to build momentum and get to a point where the business runs on its own.

At this point in time youʼll have extra profit that can be reinvested into scaling up human resources.

This would allow you to free up the time you initially dedicated to getting results and growing your business.

The critical steps are by putting processes and systems in place that would let you take even more time off.

In fact, youʼre also much less likely to make costly mistakes by following our proven system that has all of the pieces ʻplugged inʼ from the start.

Weʼll talk about this a lot more as time goes on…

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

Realistically, it is hard to start any business without incurring some up front costs.

Weʼre talking about simple factors like software, hosting, services and other affiliate technologies youʼll need in order to get going in this business.

These types of specialized tools of the trade are absolutely critical if you want to be effective.

Just like a motor mechanic who needs a set of tools before he starts work on the first day, someone getting into the affiliate business will require a certain set of tools, at a minimum.

Depending on how you approach the situation, you also may incur certain startup costs (design and programming).

As you know these costs can be avoided if you do most of the work.

If youʼre going to do yourself youʼd be looking at costs along these lines:

  • Initial Landing Page Design $300 to $500 Upfront
  • Additional $200-$300 Per Landing Page for each CPA offer
  • Ongoing Web Hosting $50 to $250 / Month (VPS or Dedicated Server)
  • Software (Keyword Research, Market Data) $200 to $500
  • Education & Training (Courses, Manuals) $1000 to $2000
  • Advertising Budget $500 to $2,000

Altogether, you could be looking at startup costs in the area of $2,250 to $5,850 in your first month with monthly expenses of around $500 to $1000 per month after.

Of course, this depends a lot on how you advertise, and other variables such as the quality of software you want to use if you want to be able to compete?

Now, if all this seems like a lot of work, you will want to figure out what all this
will cost you in terms of time, money and better lifestyle?

What is the alternative?

If you consider the price of wealth creation and freedom, you know this is a small investment.

In reality it is only a fraction because you’ll be in a position to dramatically improve your income, while providing you more wealth and freedom in life.