CPA Networks – How to Get Instant Approval?

CPA Networks

CPA networks is about becoming a CPA affiliate – how to move safely into almost guaranteed sign-up success…firstly,  this is not about how long you’ve been in Internet Marketing, it’s about what you want to do and how well you can actually approach it.

John Mignano

Dealing with CPA Networks, just be honest, that’s what this technique is all about because you want to get accepted into any CPA network faster than a speeding bullet, right?

Great! So far so good…even though there’s a lot of active discussions regarding CPA Network acceptance there’s some truly reasonable methods here to not bleed you dry.

As you learned there’s a fewproblems with most of the commonly discussed techniques:

* (Do you claim to be doing PPC) – This one has been used for a long time, and consequently the CPA networks have smartened up quite a bit.

You don’t have to start asking different pay per click related questions which a newbie who actually doesn’t have any idea about PPC simply can’t answer with authority and confidence.

* (Register a business) – Not feasible for those looking for a $0-investment startup.

* (Create a website with a few affiliate links) – Takes a little bit of time and is generally not suitable for people who are afraid of long phone conversations, as the networks often want to know quite a bit about your plans regarding marketing your website.

Based on this, I decided to share a quick technique that I’ve suggested to some of my mates in the past and as a result, all of them have been accepted to most networks they have applied to.

Ok, CPA networks so here goes – a simple 2-Step method on how to get accepted quickly and without much hassle.

Step 1: Apply for an account with the CPA Network of your choice, leaving the website field of the registration application empty or using as your site and saying the following in the ‘description’ or ‘additional comments’ field (not word-by-word please – do yourself a favor):

Quote: I’m a progressive publisher and even though I don’t (yet) market any CPA offers myself, I am co-authoring an e-book on the topic of Affiliate Marketing. I am applying for an account in order to get a referral link that I can use in my e-book when referring my readers to your network.

Or alternatively: I’m not yet marketing any CPA offers myself, but have heard a lot of good about your network and would like to refer some of my friends who are active in the CPA field to your network. For this, however, I need a referral link which is why I am signing up.

You can top any of the above statements up by something like “I am, however, looking into starting with CPA offers myself very soon” – to avoid the network simply issuing you with a referral link and not an actual account (unlikely, but may happen.)

Step 2: After submitting your application, wait for a day and give the CPA network a phonecall asking about the status of your application. This is very important for credibility and speeding up the process. It shows you’re actually a professional eager to do business and promote offers.

Can’t highlight this enough – showing initiative and phoning  (as opposed to waiting for a week and having them phone you) is important! When talking to your future affiliate manager, use the very same script that I described in

Step 1. If the affiliate manager asks you questions about your book, you can simply say that it will be on PPC advertising (or use any other topic), which you personally don’t know a lot about but your co-author does. You’re just helping him out in terms of admin tasks, content revision etc. etc. – This will beautifully eliminate the risk of getting caught for not knowing that you’re talking about.

That’s it! I had a friend try this exact technique a few weeks back and he got accepted to all 6 networks that he applied to, proving it’s a simple formula that works incredibly well.

As with everything in life and especially business – get the facts, due your research, due diligence and use your imagination. Chances are that after this post all major CPA networks will get tons of applications, all copy-pasted from my post so unless you’re creative, you’ll be busted.

CPA Networks