High CPA Conversion Rates?

Do Your CPA Conversion Rates Suck?  Well, Here Is A Likely Cause…

John Mignano

If you have been in the CPA game for any length of time, you most likely have noticed some positive changes?

Or at least you should have if you were paying attention:)

Well, for starters…many of the trial offers are gone…

Depending on which CPA network you’re connected to, you might not find any FREE + Shipping offers at all. Why?

Because many of the “good” trial offers that are still running now have a huge disclaimer statement that scares potential leads and buyers away like crazy.

Basically, some offers are owned by pirates that are ripping consumers off.

Something needed to be done because these scum bags were not letting people cancel their free trial…

And they were not disclosing additional charges anywhere in disclaimer…

In some cases, these pirates were automatically signing people up to multiple offers at once.  Can you believe it? So, how do honest affiliates combat this?

Simple, you have to be more selective about the offers you promote and you have to be a better sales person.

As far as being more selective goes, it is a good idea to go through as much of the sales process on the offers you are looking at as possible.

Fill a name, address, email address, and a phone number  on the front page.

Why do you want to look at is on the 2nd page?

Because you want to see whether or not the offer is displaying a big warning:

What you don’t want to see is: YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE BILLED $XXX IN 14 DAYS

That alone is going to scare of many of the people that are there to get a “free trial” of the product.

Instead, look for the offers that have the disclaimer at the bottom of the page – normally below the fold.

Basically, they are still letting the visitor know that there is going to be further billing, they are just doing it in a different place on the page.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your conversion rates on your campaigns, go through the sales process and look for what we talked about above…

You want to go through several disclaimers to see if the big warning signs are there and promptly switch to offers that still gives your visitor all of the info!

Hopefully the information is positioned just below the page fold…and that way conversion rates go back to normal for the most part.

As far as being a better sales person goes…

In the past, there were tons of offers you could promote and the conversions flowed like water.

Now, with some of the changes that have taken place, its going to be almost necessary that you do a little more pre-selling.

This is especially true when you’re marketing using articles or any content in general or using SEO strategies.

250 words of crap and a buy now link used to cut it before  (sort of obsolete  or not so common now).

It’s more important than ever to hit emotional “hot buttons” and to make sure your readers feel the pain (deep emotional pain more than ever).

For example: If you’re promoting a teeth whitener, writing about a “free teeth whitener” isn’t good enough anymore you gotta hit them with emotions.

You have to hit their hot buttons to make them feel pain and remember why they want a teeth whitener.

Their yellow teeth, how unattractive they are to the opposite sex, and the fact that people don’t want to look at them in the face when they’re talking.

Driving the visitors to a landing page or squeeze page is a good idea too.

YES! This will give you the most effective chance to sell many times over.

If they don’t take the CPA offer, you can pitch a digital product…

Or maybe other physical products from places like ClickBank or Amazon or an other program you’re affiliated with…

Marketing online evolves constantly. It is important that you keep up to date with changes. If you don’t, you’ll quickly find you are left in the dust…

Keep your eyes op. Always keep a close eye on trends that are changing. It really will make a difference to your profits and overall bottom line…