Keywords That Make Money?

Money for Nothing and Your Clicks For FREE!

John Mignano

Yes, you want the make money keywords…right?

So far, so Good! Now, there are online money keywords that make you more money…sometimes relatively easy.

Allow me to explain…

Well, firstly we are talking about money making with certain types of money keywords. No B.S or mystery…right?

So you want to understand the basics. Why? Because there are different groups of people that use different keywords.

People search with different intentions and so your approach needs to be treated differently.

Certain keywords will only cost you money, while others will allow you to make money…and in some cases a lot of money.

Whenever you start a new campaign, I’d recommend you go only after Buyers at the beginning to test your product or offer.

If you can’t convert it with buyer keywords, you probably have a difficult time to be profitable with this type of product or offer.

It might be a better idea to try something else.

Basically, people searching the internet can be divided into three different groups:

  1. * Information Seekers
  2. * Shoppers
  3. * Buyers

Each of these people (target audience) has different wants, needs and intentions and in order to make your advertising to work…

Whether it be your PPC campaigns or PPV as profitable as possible, you have to address each of these groups differently with your ads and landing pages.

So, what group does a searcher belongs to?

You know by the type of keywords they are searching for.

Certain keywords (those that are used by Buyers) will convert like crazy and potentially allow you to make a lot of money relatively easy.

Other keywords (those that are used by Information Seekers) will not convert as high and you might loose a lot of money if you don’t watch them carefully.

Ok, let’s have a closer look at the groups listed above.

* Information Seekers:

Those are the people who usually don’t have any intention to buy.

They might just be surfing around because they are bored.

Maybe they want to educate themselves or find out a bit more about a certain topic that was discussed during lunch.

Most people (and keywords) are part of the Information Seeker crowd.

They usually search for very generic terms like: acne, play piano, marketing

What they want is very basic information.

Keywords that are used by Information seekers often convert badly (usually less than 1%). If you launch a new campaign, don’t include any of those keywords at the beginning.

If later on you want to add any of those keywords, don’t try to sell anything on your landing pages.

Instead, offer free, downloadable information in exchange for an email address and try to convert them into buyers using a set of compelling autoresponder messages.

Don’t bid too high on those type of keywords.

I’d say, go for the spots 3-10, not higher.

Also, don’t spend too much time and effort on this group of people, most of them will be very hard to convert into buyers.

* Shoppers:

Shoppers already have a better idea of what they want and they are using more specific search terms.

They already did some research and no longer look for basic information.

Shoppers are considering different options and what they want at this stage is more detailed and specific information.

Shoppers aren’t quite in buying mode yet, they are comparing various offers, they are checking out the advantages and disadvantages of similar products.

This group (and the amount of corresponding keywords) is smaller than the Information Seeker group, however, they are easier to convert into buyers – expect a conversion rate somewhere around 1-3%.

As I already mentioned, Shoppers are in comparison mode, so a good idea would be to direct them to a review style landing page, where you list 3-5 similar products.

* Buyers:

They already did their research and they know exactly what they want.

They might just be undecided about where to buy or they might be looking for the best offer.

This is the group that makes you the most money and they are also relatively easy to convert.

The conversion rate for this group is somewhere around 3-5% and can even be as high as 10%…

Remember buyers use very specific keywords.

That means traffic and traffic volume is typically much lower.

Usual buyer keywords include brand name, product names, trademark terms, product specification terms and domain names.

Buyer keywords usually are more profitable when you go for the top 1 or –2 position.

On your landing page, go directly for the sale.

Clearly state the biggest benefits of the product, maybe throw in your own bonuses to sweeten the deal and present a strong call to action.

What keywords make money? What’s your experience been? Feel free to post your comments below…