CPV Marketing Success?

The biggest benefit of CPV is the marketing punch you get for your advertising dollars…

John Mignano

Typically you can get outrageous amounts of high impressions at a cheaper rate, usually a cent per view.

There are ad networks that charge under a cent per view!

Although the better quality specialized networks  typically charge one cent on up.

Most networks allow marketers and affiliate marketers to increase their bids in increments of a 10th of a penny.

As the name suggests, (CPV) cost per view ads are charged on a per view basis. So, as an advertiser you’re only charged your bid price when your ad pops-up on someone’s computer.

This is a breath of fresh air for marketers who use PPC such as Adwords, you just need to be careful about networks’ rules and terms of service.

Most networks don’t allow self-starting videos where someone walks across screen and starts talking or pre-recorded video that automatically launch.

Exit popups are not allowed in most networks, like when a person is about to close their browser a virtual agent offers a last chance or one time offer…

Additionally, most networks don’t allow ads/landing pages to contain any adult-oriented materials and/or drug-related offers.

Basically you can pretty much do anything with your landing page.

You don’t  have to worry about quality score issues and/or your account getting banned or suspended.

They’re not going to look at your ad copy for relevancy.

You can serve any offer you want…

Another great thing about CPV is you can direct link to an offer. There is no need for you to use a landing page.

But, you have to pay close attention to the page you’re linking to, particularly the page’s dimensions/size.

Most networks impose a size constraint to pop-up windows, so make sure your offer page’s dimensions are within the network’s allowed figures.

If the offer page size is larger than what is allowed, you can create a bridge or connecting landing page that resizes browser before redirecting to the link.

This works with Traffic Vance, though other networks don’t allow you to do this, so make sure you understand your network’s rules and terms of service.

If you’re doing PPC or SEO, you need to seriously consider incorporating CPV in your marketing arsenal to diversity and protect your profits (bottom line).

CPV networks are friendly and are very much willing to work with you.

Most networks have live support so you can personally ring and talk to in case of any problems.

Most importantly, CPV networks can give you the amount of traffic you need and allows for a quick (and possibly multiple) ROI.

This makes CPV a very good marketing strategy for success.