Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies – TOP 37 Emotional Reasons and Benefits Derived From Extensive Quantitative Market Research!

Marketing strategies – you know you’re headed in the right direction when you realize your customer’s viewpoint or perspective is more important than your company’s viewpoint.

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies - John Mignano author of the Razor Sharp Marketing Systems (based on Sun Tzu - The Art Of War)

Marketing strategies – its a lot more cost effective in terms of cutting out wasteful advertising spend if you’re marketing is strategic.

Marketing strategies which are productive means learning from your customers instead about them…

Marketing strategies based on real time proven sales, marketing and advertising campaign, which uses research results from thousands of real consumers…

Marketing strategies including a panel of psychologists and marketing specialist that specialize in assessing emotional purchase motivation.

Marketing strategies put it all together and this dynamic list represents the full spectrum of human wants and needs which can be met by purchasing your product or service.

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies - right market, right action, right timing

Marketing Strategies 1. Feeling Loved:

Feeling Loved implies you have a satisfactory number of significant attachments life receiving an adequate amount of emotional nourishment on a daily basis

Marketing Strategies 2. Feeling Attractive:

Having a strong level of comfort with your physical being. Knowing you’re pleasant to look at and able to draw attention by virtue of your physical presence.

Feeling sexy is the specific ability to attract a desired sexual partner and this is a special kind of attractiveness, which is all together separate.

Marketing Strategies 3. Sense of Adventure:

Interested in exciting and remarkable experiences, sometimes involving unknown danger and risk.

Rising to the challenge, exploring new territory, feeling excited about new leanings, new experiences, etc.

Marketing Strategies 4. Feeling Financially Secure:

Believing you have adequate money to take care of the majority of basic needs and wants in the present and in the future.

Feeling financially secure is different than feeling affluent or wealthy which means you believe you have enough money to buy whatever you want.

This goes beyond (more basic needs and wants) because you already have more money than you could reasonably spend.

Marketing Strategies 5. Sense of Accomplishment:

Seeing progressive evidence in your life and particular worthwhile goals are being sought after and achieved.

Marketing Strategies 6. Feeling Caring or Nurturing:

Interested in providing emotional, physical, financial or spiritual support to others and warmly enjoying the experience by doing it.

Marketing Strategies 7. Being Altruistic:

Able to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of society. To forgo your own gratification in favor of the interest of others well-being will not enhance your own.

Marketing Strategies 8. Being Assertive:

Able to stand up for and strive to obtain your own interests, especially given the presence of difficult people who stand in the way.

Marketing Strategies 9. Feeling Brave or Courageous:

Being willing to face risk and danger for the purpose of obtaining a positive benefit (when it is judged to be beneficial and wise to take the risk).

Being willing to face risk and danger without judgment is ‘foolhardiness’.

Marketing Strategies 10. Feeling Creative:

Interested in and able to uniquely express yourself in words, behavior or the arts.

Marketing Strategies 11. Excitement or Liveliness:

Having a strong sense of being alive with the energy and interest to join in and participate in all that life has to offer you.

Marketing Strategies 12. Feeling Fair, Just or Ethical:

Marked by impartiality and honesty. Able to make judgments free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism.

Interested in upholding these principles.

Marketing Strategies 13. Feeling Luxurious or Pampered:

The belief you have enough resources at hand to splurge on things that are understood to be unnecessary wants as opposed to essential needs.

Marketing Strategies 14. Feeling Healthy:

Having confidence in your physical well being, strength and ability to avoid disease and illness.

Marketing Strategies 15. Feeling Athletic:

Having confidence in your physical strength, stamina, flexibility and ability to meet various physical challenges.

Especially in sport and also non-competitive physical challenges!

Marketing Strategies 16. Feeling Flexible or Adaptable:

Able to change your perspective and use your strengths according to the demands of a wide variety of situations.

Marketing Strategies 17. Feeling Free:

Being able to say what you want to say and think what you want to think. Go where you want to go, be with people you want to be with and behave how you want to behave…being able to do as you please!

Marketing Strategies 18. Being a Good Friend:

Believing yourself to be attached to and supportive of a cared for other. Providing companionship and enjoying their company.

Marketing Strategies 19. Enjoying Humor:

Seeking to laugh regularly. Enjoying the ludicrous or absurd. Liking to make others laugh.

Marketing Strategies 20. Feels like a Good Teacher:

Able to successfully impart useful knowledge or abilities to others.

Marketing Strategies 21. Being In Control:

Able to influence yourself, surroundings as wants. Being able to predict, manage and successfully react to the occurrence of stressful events.

Having the ability to decide when, how and where you will engage in particular verbal or behavioral expressions.

Marketing Strategies 22. Feeling Independent:

Able to care of yourself and not requiring others to meet your needs.

Marketing Strategies 23. Being Insightful:

Able to make useful new connections. Seeing the broader picture with ablity to understand the way things work in new ways.

Marketing Strategies 24. Having Integrity:

Walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Knowing your own behaviors are consistent with your ethics and principles.

Able to put off or deny your own gratification at the moment in favor of a cherished principle. Being willing to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Marketing Strategies 25. Feeling Wise or Intelligent:

Being mentally keen or quick.

Knowing you have a high degree of skill and mental capacity used to accumulate knowledge and experience, which makes you particularly well suited to meet the challenges of life.

Marketing Strategies 26. Taking a Leadership Role:

Serving as a leader for others, helping guide others towards worthwhile goals and being directly responsible for their supervision and performance.

Marketing Strategies 27. Peaceful – Relaxed – Calm:

Feeling peaceful and relaxed or calm. Having peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Marketing Strategies 28. Having a Sense of Power:

Able to wield influence over your own life and over others. Occupying a position of importance in life.

Marketing Strategies 29. Being Productive:

Believing that you are effective in consistently contributing some valuable work product to your own life, family or society.

Marketing Strategies 30. Feeling Respected:

Being acknowledged and recognized for your value or contributions to one’s loved ones, family or society.

Marketing Strategies 31. Feeling Spiritual:

Feeling an established connection with a higher power of your own definition (one that transcends the mortal world). Can be yet is not necessarily the higher power defined in your chosen religion.

Marketing Strategies 32. Feeling Sexy:

The specific ability to arouse a mate or potential partner of desired gender.

Feeling sexy is more specific than feeling attractive (knowing you’re pleasant to look at or able to get attention by virtue of your physical presence).

Marketing Strategies 33. Feeling Romantic:

Enjoying thoughts, feelings and perceptions associated with wants or needs to be one with another human being.

Marketing Strategies 34. Feeling Safe:

Knowing no harm will come to yourself, rest assured in life or relationship.

Marketing Strategies 35. Sense of Belonging:

Knowing on a gut level that you belong, you’re part of a community, family, group of friends or society where you ‘fit in’… this is a result of similar values, beliefs and behavioral tendencies.

Marketing Strategies 36. Feeling Trustworthy:

Will not harm others in favor of your own gratification if given the opportunity. Reliable, dependable, able to be counted on.

Marketing Strategies 37. Feeling Unique:

Feeling unique implies that one is aware of being an individual distinct from all others.

Marketing strategies – do you understand the logical connection between one of the above benefits and the way that benefit exclusively supports the prospect’s self esteem?

Your goal is to entwine emotion into marketing and advertising are much more realistic and effective and do NOT require hype or emotional attitude.

Marketing strategies – you want to understand that your problem is ideology. Your customer has preconceived ideas about how to go about doing tasks and getting the results your products or services promise.

They’re doing things, yet you have a better way and you need to show them. It’s human nature to cling to ideas as carry around like baggage.

We feel comfortable in hanging on to our ideas or beliefs, and we’re not about to let just anyone in by replacing them with new ones…make sense?

Marketing strategies – it’s natural. How could you possibly live your life if you gave your logical mind to weighing every new idea that came along?

Not to mention the quick pace of daily demands with automatic responses that are already so ingrained with concepts and ideas that serve you well.

And so you are conditioned to tune out and throw up unconscious walls of rebellion against anyone who tries to disturb your being with anything new.

Would a painter simply try to paint over old paint without painstakingly sanding back and preparing the surface to accept the new coat of paint?

Marketing strategies in the same way, selling to new customers requires attention to preparation of the prospects mind before making your case.

You can have the world’s most logical argument, yet it is powerless before the mind that has not first agreed to give it air and a fair hearing.

Marketing strategies by replacing preconceived notions with new ideas is often exactly what you have to do to sell your products and services.

How can you create a nurturing ground for presenting your ideas and reasoning and how can you counter natural skepticism? It’s all about understanding your target market.

Utilizing their confusions, pains, fears, frustrations, feelings in your emotional ad copy, emotional advertising, emotional benefits, this is in a nutshell emotional marketing…based on the education marketing model.

Marketing strategies to get results as in using marketing strategies, which sells problem solving information (educational based and results driven).

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies - are looking for a "marketing strategy"

Over the years I’ve found marketing strategies which use this approach are highly effective and gets tremendous response in many sales situations.

When done right, your marketing has power to bust through clutter and clearly differentiate you. It will instantly connect, create rapport and trust.

Most of the marketing strategies your customer’s receive on a daily basis will be the usual:

  • We are the best
  • Been in business for ‘X’ years
  • Discounts and lowest prices
  • Best service
  • (Non-valid reasons NOT to take action)

Marketing strategies – what if you speak intelligently about your customer’s needs and how to help solve common problems?

What if your marketing strategies only ‘sells’ the customer on requesting a special problem solving report?

Remember, marketing strategies are the key here to get customers coming to you…

Marketing strategies means your effectiveness is a razor sharp focus because your marketing is effectively getting your customer to be the one who makes personal contact with YOU.

Marketing strategies involves right target, right action and right timing to achieve a high level of response and conversion.

You want to begin segmenting your target audience for follow-up marketing as this marketing strategy is the most simplest and effective. Yes, it works.

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Marketing Strategies

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