Strategy for Profit

Does a Strategy for Profit Need To Take Months?

John Mignano

John Mignano


We’re in a time of accelerating turbulence and change.

The result is a leaner, more customer focused, more disciplined
business environment…

As a business owner, you need profit strategies with new ways of thinking to sustain performance and growth.

 What if a strategy for profit is one area of business that’s trial and error?

What if you spend time on a marketing strategy, hiring a professional designer for your marketing campaign?

What if you spend hours trying to make an advertising campaign absolutely perfect by tweaking it over and over again?

Well, you could lose money…

You’re never going to know what is going to work or get results until you get that strategy out there and actually test it.

Let’s face it, even the best, most experienced marketers in the world can create a brilliant strategy and for some reason or another it doesn’t work.

Often, the best profitability comes from an unexpected strategy.

That means taking an approach that is out of the box thinking…

OK. So come up with a relevant offer; you draft it, create it quickly and get it out there for your clients to see.

Now what?

You can fix or change aspects of the strategy to make the offer totally irresistible…

What if you spend hours trying to perfect a strategy that ends up flopping?

Simply learn from your mistakes and move forward.

In contrast, if you spend only 2 hours getting a strategy up and running, you could be making money 2 hours from now.

And only if you know it works, you can tweak it, perfect and make it exactly how you want it for even greater profitability.

If you want the most profitable and quickest results for your direct mail letters, emails, web pages, flyers or post cards…

Every strategy needs to be completed with a “go for it” attitude!

Remember, marketing is all about testing, testing, testing and learning from your mistakes…

What’s your next strategy for proft and out-of-the-box marketing idea?

The next important piece of the puzzle is getting more leads and turning those leads from customers into clients is how to use relationship marketing.

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