Why Is Ad Tracking Crucial?

The Money Is In Tracking…True or False?

John Mignano

Well, every advertisement, no matter whether it is run online or offline, costs you time and money.

Knowing if your advertising efforts are successful saves you from ineffective and unproductive advertising campaigns.

Ultimately it helps you improve your sales and bottom line.

The knowledge gained about which data and ad platforms produces the best result is the key to maximizing your advertising returns.

Tracking can provide you with a comprehensive, at-a-glance look at the factors that go into each campaign…

And the effect they produce on your Return on Investment (ROI).

Ad tracking is perfect for any type of advertising campaign.

For pay-per-click search engine advertising, you will be able to see how every single keyword stacks up in terms of clicks, conversions, and most importantly profit.

Online retailers can track ad performance of their listings to find out what converts best and what doesn’t make the grade.

An affiliate tracking tool allows  a/b testing of leads and conversions for affiliate marketers.

Tracking ads can even track website responses that come from your non-Internet campaigns on TV, radio, in print, and via postcards and business cards, by using the tracking URL you choose to include.

And, if you have an Internet visitor who winds up ordering via phone or in person, you can even keep your statistics accurate by manually recording the new sale into the appropriate campaign.

Your main goal is to help you track the performance of your paid advertising campaigns, right?

You also want to understand as a business owner you may have free traffic coming in from various sources such as search engines and link partners.

To help you get the complete picture of how your traffic is performing…

Ad tracking allows you to see where the natural traffic coming in from non-paid sources is tracked and detailed information on it provided.

Tracking can provide you with a complete picture for all your advertising needs!

The picture that’s crucial for any affiliate interested in maximizing their returns.

Finally, you’re leveraging results because it all comes back to tracking your advertising…

Knowing your numbers, (cost per action or cost of acquisition).

Without this data you’re blindly spending, that’s the reason why ad tracking is crucial for conversion, performance and optimizing your advertising…