What is Behavioral Targeting?

How to use targeted advertising and the big ad network (even portals) for behavioral targeting?

John Mignano

$1 billion dollars was spent online using behavioral targeting in 2008 alone.

One of the most important factors you can do to make sure your traffic conversion rates are high is to target correctly.

You must know your cpm advertising numbers of each campaign…in other words, positioning targeting.

Allow me to explain…

There are various ways of targeting your ad buys.

Therefore, it’s very important you understand how banner ads work and you identify what types of targeting…

Or cost per action combination of targeting works best for your specific campaign and targeting segmentation.

That’s where behavioral targeting steps in…

One of the newest and most effective ways to target people when they’re ready to buy a product is with behavioral targeting.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral targeting tracks consumer Internet activity.

Behavioral advertising tracks websites people have visited…

The links or ads they have clicked on to determine a user’s interest in buying a product or service.

For example:

If an individual (prospective customer) triggers a “behavior” (i.e., clicking on link, visiting a website, etc.)

The behavioral targeting follows the prospective customer around the Web.

As the prospective customer visits new websites part of the ad network…

You can serve this prospective customer behavioral ads for your specific CPA offer or product.

It’s like if you were interested in buying a new PC and you go to Best Buy to check out some PC’s…

So you decide to do more research, and now as you surf the internet visiting sites you normally visit like reading the news online…

Or checking your email or while checking the weather online you start
getting ads with specials on PC’s.

This means you have targeting segmentation power!

It means you can target people and serve extremely targeted ads only and at the time they’re interested in buying your specific CPA offer or product.

For example:

Let’s say you are selling home insurance or mortgages online.

You can target your ads to only be shown to hot ready to buy prospective customers that have visited a home insurance or mortgage website.

This is all happening as they surf the internet.

So let’s say a person just bought a new home and goes online to get home
insurance quotes.

And let’s say he visits homeinsurance.com…

Your home insurance ads would be shown to the prospective customer
that has been identified as needing home insurance as he surfs the internet.

How does behavioral targeting work?

Well, if that individual checks their email or looks for movie listings or checks the weather, etc…

Guess what?

It means you can get extremely targeted traffic for your specific CPA offer,
product or service.

This is internet advertising and it’s very important you understand how this game works if you don’t want to become obsolete.

Note: Dozens of companies claim have behavioral targeting capabilities.

The truth is only a handful of vendors meet the strict criteria.

To do behavioral targeting a vendor must have:

  • Targeting, optimization and ad-serving technology
  • As an advertiser you can adjust campaigns on the fly
  • To be able to deliver ads on high traffic sites
  • Platforms and sites where people spend the most time
  • Able to deliver behavioral ads based on click stream data
  • Tracking of purchasing data
  • Affinity websites prospective customers have visited recently

Behavioral targeting is a powerful tool, wouldn’t you agree?