Advertising Secrets Of CPV

Conversion Rate

Do You Have The Courage To Increase Your Advertisement Pulling Power with CPV?

John Mignano

Do you advertise online?

Want higher returns on your online advertising in particular to cost per view earnings from whatever banner exchange you’re using?

Great! We all want to make money and more frequently.

Here’s a few simple tips on targeted advertising and improving your CPV earnings.

The following tips are based on my experiences with Publisher websites and the different techniques used to achieve high CPV earnings.

Before we get into it, let’s look at some of the key benefits of why you can easily run a CPV popunder while getting the most from your pop under advertising dollars.

Benefits of using a popunder:

  • Earn more, as much as 8-10 times (average $0.30 per CPM for banners vs. avg $3.00 CPM for pop-under
  • High earnings as pop-under are one of the highest paying Ad formats.
  • Pop-under is popular among advertisers paying $2-$5 on 1,000 visitors
  • Popunders in addition to banners increase revenue sources…
  • Get paid on views when users view your popunder as no clicking is required…

3 Simple ways to Improve Your CPV Earnings:

1) Increase overall Website Traffic

There are many ways to drive more targeted traffic to your website or affiliate marketing websites . Some will cost you and some won’t.

Below are just a few samples of the techniques you can easily apply.

Original content is all about contents that is helpful and useful to your readers. It pays in some cases to always keep content fresh and updated.

Not only will it be relevant to your target audiences, content also pulls more relevant ads to your site if your a publisher so you’re generating more clicks for your CPC banners which means more views for your CPV popunders.

Offer Freebies, and old direct marketer’s way that still works insanely well.

The Internet is cluttered with promotions, people generally don’t care about give-aways and promotional or promotional products of that nature, right?

Okay, who let the dogs out…chances are you’re not going to give away a car either, so offer something free like promotional gifts or a simple and useful pdf report on the topic that’s of interest. This still works like gang busters.

You can writing about the topic at hand, make a video, offer tips on your blog, whatever puts the numbers on the board.

Get links from and to your website to help you get indexed on search engines. Generally the more links pointing back to your website the bigger your online presence will be.

You can simply post on forums, blogs with a links back to your site.

You can also partner up with different sites in a similar niche or category and exchange links.  As you get more content for your website you’ll attract more targeted audiences and traffic.

2) Relevant Content

Content is crucial to generating targeted traffic, but let’s go a little bit more in-depth.

If you’re using a contextual network, you already know displays ads are base on the content of the publisher’s page.

For instance, if you want more ads relating to mp3 to show up, then try to have content with texts relating to this category – “mp3”, “ipod”, “songs”, etc.

This will not only help you generate more relevant ads but it will also help you index your site better in search engines.

However, make sure your contents is readable by humans as well as the contextual network and search engines. There is a balance to finding the right one for your website.

3) Frequency Cap

Finally, remember to set your frequency cap for all your popunders. Your frequency cap determines how often your pop-unders will display.

The more often it displays the better your earnings. But be considerate of your audiences as well. Try to figure out how often and how many ads they can handle without being a distraction to your site.

To ensure you get the most income from your website, you can also utilize default Ad features to place other networks’ ad codes to monetize all your ad space and traffic…you’re not limited to displaying “advertisements”. The choice is 100% yours.

In fact, have  you been using interstitial ads? These ads are used at such major web properties such as,,, TechCrunch,, and thousands others…

The fact of the matter is, interstitial ads are run at most of the top 100 websites on the internet. Why? Because they’re flat out one of the most effective forms of online advertising on the web. Period!

Next we have contextual advertising, also known as content-targeted advertising, which means your advertisement is shown on a website that is ‘in context’ to your specific product or service.

This advertising technology works by publishing your text or rich media advertisement on the relevant affiliated websites that best match your selected targeted keywords or channels.

Apply these tips to your website and get the income you deserve. Make sure split-test different offers to find the winning offer that pays you the most. Feel free to add your comments and feedback or leave a reply!