How To PPC Tracking and Split Testing?

Why would you want to do PPC Tracking?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Why do ad tracking or split testing?

Well, ad tracking is a numbers game, and numbers are the most crucial part of your Pay Per Click to Cost Per Action.

Ad tracking and split testing is of utmost importance.

If you want to succeed as a cpa affiliate and sustain a long term profitable business…

Without effective testing and tracking, you could be losing a lot of money on worthless keywords and ad groups…

Or leaving piles of money on the table on high converting offers.

So by checking everyday how well your ad groups with your keywords from your different traffic sources are doing…

You can then perform the necessary tweaks to make your CPA offer and PPC campaigns a lot more profitable.

The first metric you want to track after you have started a campaign is your ad groups and keywords.

You want to know how well the campaigns are converting from each of your different traffic sources.

You need to calculate your conversion ration for the CPA offers you are

For example:

If you’re promoting an offer that pays you per lead, and from your particular traffic source you can see 1 out of every 7 visitors fills in your offer.

You calculate your conversion rate by 100 divided by 7 visitors = 14.2%

That means you have a conversion rate of 14.2% for your particular CPA offer from a specific traffic source.

Now you should calculate your EPC (earnings per click).

Simply you get the $3 commission and divide this by 7 visitors = $0.43 epc

$0.43 epc is how much money you should earn per click for every visitor that’s sent to your CPA offer.

If your Earnings Per Click (EPC) is greater than Cost Per Click (CPC) = Profit

If your Earnings Per Click (EPC) is less than Cost Per Click (CPC)= Loss

This means to break even on the above campaign you should be paying $0.43 per click.

Armed with this knowledge you tweak your bids to the next profit level.

For example:

If you want to make a return on investment (ROI) of 100% you would need to lower you cost per click (CPC) bid to $0.22 etc

You should calculate your EPC for each of your different ad groups on every one of your search engines your are driving traffic from.

When you notice a particular keyword is getting a huge number of clicks,
track the keywords using a separate tracking URL.

Also work out the earning per click and tweak as necessary.

You should also cut off ad groups and campaigns that are performing poorly after doing sufficient testing from different traffic sources.

And after getting a substantial amount of clicks.

For example:

If you had an offer getting 100 clicks from Google, 100 clicks from Yahoo, 100 clicks from MSN and conversion rates are really poor…

Would you scrap that campaign totally or look for new keywords?

It maybe a case you don’t have to scrap an entire campaign just a bad performing ad group and keywords from that campaign.

Now when you notice a campaign is doing particularly well and converting highly, this is your signal you have found a sweet spot.

You should now ramp up the profit potential on this campaign, right?

You can do this by increasing your bid amount so you get more traffic.

You can also add more keywords and increase your traffic sources to your CPA offers.

Remember when a campaign is doing well and you want to ramp it up, always test in small increments.

Build up gradually so you don’t over reach and lose money.

For example:

Let’s say you’re running a very high converting profitable campaign on
Google for a diet patch.

You’re paying $0.20 a click and your ad is position 4 of sponsored search listings.

What if you decide you want to ramp up this campaign?

You can change the bid to $0.30 a click so you’re placed higher in the search results and get more traffic and see if this increases your profits.

You can also start finding more targeted keywords to add to your ad groups to get even more traffic in to see how this increases your profits.

You can add the same campaign to Yahoo or another 2nd tier search engine like Miva to see if this increased traffic surge also increases your profits.

You could do all three at once but its much safer to test small one at a time.

The next step you want to do once you have started a campaign that’s making you money is split test.

You should split test absolutely everything.

Split testing is a major key to success in this game.

Split testing is basically where you will test how well your traffic converts when sending them to your own landing page with two different variables.

There are many variables you can split test.

For example:

If you’re using a direct linking strategy, Google allows you to split test your ads.

So you could have two different variations of your ad that will be evenly displayed by Google to your traffic.

You can then see all the statistical data and see which ad converts better.

So if you’re direct linking, make sure you always split test between ads by using different headings and ad text and see which one converts better.

What if you’re using your own landing page?

Well, there are many different elements you can split test.

You can split test different CPA offers on your landing page to see which one converts the best.

You can split test with different headlines and sales copy on your landing page to see which one drives up your conversion rate.

You can split test:

Design and graphics

Color and look

You want to test how your landing page performs to see what changes gives you better results.

You should always split test all the different elements of your landing page.

Take it slowly one by one to gradually increase your conversion rate to the maximum potential.

For example:

If you have your own landing page promoting a diet patch CPA offer with sales copy and some bonuses…

You could split test two different designs and layouts and find which one increased conversions by 1%.

You can start using the best performing landing page and then spilt test between different headlines.

You want to find the best headline which increases your conversion rate by a further 1%.

So you’d start using that headline…make sense?

You can spilt test between different sales copy to find one of the pages
converts better by another 1%.

You can start using that copy on your page.

Finally, you can split test between different bonuses and a different related CPA offers to find which one increases conversion by a further 2%.

By setting five simple split tests you have increased conversion rates by 5% which can quickly accumulate to a lot of cash in your pocket.

This is how powerful cost per action marketing can actually be for you.

Now in order for you to split test all the different elements, you always need to create two separate landing pages.

You want to use ad tracking script or ad tracking software to drive your traffic from your source evenly between your two separate landing pages.

A very good program you can use for this purpose is

The ad tracking software is very easy to use and will integrate easily with your PPC traffic source and split test your traffic.

Most of the CPA networks also provide you with tons of statistical info to track your campaigns and see how well they’re performing.

Many CPA networks provide tracking id codes (sub-ids) you can attach to your campaign to see which keywords get the most conversion rates, etc

Tracking and split testing is the way you take a profitable campaign to the next level. You can often even double your profit or more.

If you do track and test properly you can always stay many steps ahead of average CPA affiliates.

Now you know how to use PPC tracking and split testing…