Profit and Strategy For Email Marketing

Email Marketing Secrets

Email marketing helps you increase the conversion rates of leads to customers and also the revenue you receive per customer…

John Mignano

Here’s the deal…

Yes! It’s simplicity is extremely powerful, yet many don’t use this profit strategy for email marketing. Why?

Well, this is your only chance to explore a series of experiments to help you discover what really works in everyday online marketing…

This time, you’re going to go a step farther.

You’ll get a “behind-the-scenes” look at split-tests to help you understand not just why they worked, but how you can win with your own email marketing campaigns.

The best part is you learn from the insights gained across three email marketing software platforms so you instantly reap the rewards with profits over and over again…

The reason why email marketing is so powerful is that you not only have the opportunity to sell a product more than once to the same customer so you’re increasing your chances of them buying…

And you also get the opportunity to sell more products over time to this same person.

The really powerful effect about email marketing is you can automate your follow up with a hands free system through using a service like

Timing is critical for reach and response…

That means every person that subscribes start on email #1 in your sequence and receive the remaining emails from you in the order that you place them and when you place them.

e.g. Enticing email header, header or headline influence and persuade so you’ll dramatically increase open rates:

  • day 1 you may wish to email out a free report
  • day 2 you might email them a content email teaching them something cool
  • day 3 you might send them another content email
  • day 5 you might send another content email
  • day 7 you might send them a hard sell of a product
  • day 11 you might send anther content email
  • day 18, you might send another email message teaching them some cool stuff, and so forth…

The email campaign keys to email marketing are:

1. Use a free report, 6 part mini course or something else that is compelling to get them to want to subscribe to your list.

People don’t like signing up to your newsletter.

Use just one field like email address to make it easy…they’re often compelled to sign up to your ‘Free report + newsletter series’ or your ‘6 part mini course’

2. Have a really good autoresponder sequence in place, and by good I mean provide good quality content that makes the person want to stay subscribed.

You need to train your list to think emails from you are a good thing.

3. Have a call to action of some kind in every email that you send out. I personally like to put a call to action at the start and at the end of each email.

You can still write high quality content and give away a lot of value.

There is nothing wrong with putting in a subtle plug for a product at the start and end of every email.

4. Have some automated hard sells, this is where you are simply writing an email packed with benefits, scarcity, and encourages the person to buy a particular product that you are promoting through your affiliate link.

I like to have hard sells automated once every 7 or so emails, the rest are usually content emails.

I spread it out like this because too many hard sells make people stop opening your emails.

5. Make sure that your autoresponder series lasts for at least 2 months and preferably longer. I usually like to send daily emails for the first 6 days, followed by a couple of hard sell emails, then one every 4 days.

You need to be emailing people while they still remember who you are, which is why emailing them regularly after they sign up is important.

Also, people are more likely to buy from you within the first 2 months as often people’s interest in a particular niche may tail off overtime.

Note: You don’t have to create a newsletter series for your website to crush it, but it certainly can be very helpful.

Email marketing is huge.

Usually it will add at least an extra 50% to your affiliate income; and some people claim to make much more than that.

As I’ve mentioned, good quality content is extremely important, especially in the first 10 emails when people are still developing the all-important first impression of you.

Some of our best customers have been on our newsletter list for over 6
months, sometimes a couple of years!

Building long-term value is critical if you want to use this profit strategy for email marketing just go ahead and download the special report now!