Profitable Call to Action?

Warning: You may be leaving lots of money on the table (See below for the full story)

John Mignano

Yep for so many reasons, a lot of the time “sales” gets left out of the CPA marketing formula…do you know why?

Just about every CPA affiliate knows there needs to be a sales process for selling products.

Now, when it comes to CPA offers they think it happens by magic…

Well, if you want your sales to “BLOW UP”, then you’re gonna have to sell…

And in most cases, “closing the sale” starts over the phone:)

Check out this movie from one of my favorite movies “The Boiler Room”

Pretty awesome clip from the movie right?

Now, what’s shockingly obvious is how many CPA affiliates miss out on huge profits…here’s a super affiliate trick not many will ever tell you about.

Meaning, it’s a closely guarded secret.

You see, so may cap affiliates make the whole process difficult ( sometimes impossible) for prospects to call them…

I admit a lot of prospects will pay or register online without ever talking to a human.

However a lot of prospects want to talk (call) to a real person

Which means you may be leaving A LOT OF MONEY on the table.

So here’s a phone call script that’s great for getting prospects who want to call and order a product over the phone.

When a prospect calls, you say:

Thank you for calling (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) this is __________ how may I help you?

(They will probably ask, “how much does it cost”, or “Can you tell me about the program”)

I’m so glad you called, may I ask you what your goals are and what you’re looking to accomplish?

“Peel the onion” until you find their hot button by asking questions like “why is that important to you..?”

“How would that make you fee…?” “Why have you decided to do this now vs X amount (6) months form now…?”

I totally understand and I can absolutely help you achieve (INSERT THEIR GOAL).

Let’s go ahead and set up your (for example) 1 week Colon Cleanse free trial…

(If you have one offer) We are located in (City) (streets) were you planning on charging your credit now?

What’s the best email address to send a conformation to?

And what would be the best number to reach you at?

Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of?

Excellent, I have your purchase order ready for delivery for Date at Time at location…

I’m going to send you a confirmation email providing you with our address and specific payment overview.

Oh, by the way, you’re welcome to tell a friend, in fact, for every friend you refer you get one month of (product name) at 50% off.

Do you have any other questions?

Great name thank you for calling and I look forward to helping you to achieve (INSERT THEIR GOAL)

If client asks again how much it costs say this:

Our most popular program is about $97 a month, if after your free week if you feel this is exactly what you were looking for will it fit into your budget.

If they say they cant afford it…

We have a few introductory promos that I’ll go over with you, I’m sure one of them will fit into your budget.

The reason this script works so well is because you uncover prospects emotional “HOT BUTTON”

If you don’t first find their “hot button”, you’re just guessing and hoping that you’ll say something that connects with them on a deep level.

Here’s a perfect example…

I had a lady call this morning and she said…”I want to lose 40 pounds”.

I asked why that was important to her?

She said…I want to be healthier.

So, I dug deeper and asked what does it mean for her to be healthier?

She said that she wanted to be healthy for her kids.

I dug deeper and asked, “Why now as opposed to next year or the year after?”

She finally said that she’s turning 47 and her mother and grandmother both died of heart failure at 50 years of age.

And if she didn’t lose weight and get healthy, her little girls would grow up orphans (Her husband had passed away recently)

WOW… This woman just went from wanting to lose 40 pounds to…


What would be an easier close:

Order my (product) to lose 40 pounds…


Sign up for my colon cleanse or else your little girls may become orphans.

And that my friend, is the power of the emotional “Hot Button”

Enjoy the phone “calls script” and keep dominating CPA marketing.