Response Rates: How to Increase Headline Response Rates by Integrating a Hook?

Response rates and headlines go hand in hand. How to increase headline response rates by integrating a hook?

A hook is an emotional psychological trigger so interesting and compelling it grabs your reader by the throat which glues them to your ad (advertising campaign)

Response rates are a result from the hidden hook, which literally causes a traffic jam of confusion in the mind of your prospect. Stops them dead in their tracks and absolutely astounds them…this is called ‘cognitive dissonance’.

The hook questions a belief system. It turn your world upside down and here’s how to find an interesting fact about your product, service or person behind the product or service…

Response rates represent how well you did your your research. You start with the end in mind and work backwards from end results you want because more research you do, the better response rates, which means powerful targeted marketing. Check out this video…

Keep researching until you find your hook. How will you know what the hook is? You’ll know exactly when you’ve reached that point because you will be shocked and genuinely surprised…

You need to unlock an interesting fact, find a fact that is undeniable… any fact, and make it riveting and interesting in such a way it relates to a story…

Here’s a list of high response rate headlines so you can get a better idea how to model from proven, and time tested winning examples below:

  • Scandal
  • Famous personality
  • Sex
  • Romance
  • Adventure
  • Excitement
  • Conspiracy
  • Greed
  • Paradox

Response rates are increased by thinking outside the box and the best way to explain the emotional psychological trigger and elements of a hook is to give you real life headlines.

Keep reading about response rates and you see how the hook is uncovered by eliminating normal thinking. Edward de Bono coined the term “lateral thinking” creating a number of useful tools.

response rates

Response Rates -raise your hands if you want staggeringly high response rates…

One of those tools, which specifically relates to creativity is the ‘escape method’.

This is where we takeaway an element within the normal thinking mode…e.g. Imagine a computer without a monitor… book without any words… dog without a tail…

Response rates, it’s normal for computers to have monitors, and dogs to have tails, right? Okay, you took these elements away to arouse interest and curiosity…does that make sense?

Response rates: How to Increase Headline Response Rates by Integrating a Hook? A computer without a monitor and a dog without a tail is unusual, right?

  • The Incredible Lawnmower With No Cutting Blade Reduces Mowing Time By 47.3%
  • The “Elusive” Millionaire Salesperson Without A Tongue Reveals His Amazing Selling Secret
  • The Astonishing Pen… With No Ink… Doubles Writing Speed And Clarity
  • Revealed! Alarm Without A Siren Or Back To Base Monitoring Scares Away Burglars and Foils Crimes
  • The Mysterious Car Wash Soap That Requires No Water, Transforms Even The Dirtiest Car Into Shiny Magnificence… In 9 Minutes Or Less
  • The Astounding Toothbrush Without Bristles Eliminates Gingivitis, Plaque and Decay

Can you see how taking an element away that’s normal arouses much more interest? Have you ever heard of a lawnmower without any blades? Or a pen without ink?

Response rates means presenting ideas or hooks to craft headlines that are emotional enticing and interesting:

  • The Astounding “Speed Seduction” Discovery Of The Acne Faced Teenager Who His Friends Won’t Go Out With Because He Steals All The Women
  • The Advertising Secrets Of The 5″5 Son Of A Russian Immigrant That Caused A Stampede Of Eager And Ready To Buy Customers Outside His Client’s Shop The Last
  • Time He Wrote An Ad
  • The “All You Can Eat” Diet Of An Intriguing 33 Year Old Danish “Plain Jane” Who Lost 17kg And Now Won’t Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $10,000 A Day In Modeling Fees
  • Melbourne Microbiologist Discovers Amazing Ant Lifting Secret That Has Eluded Scientists For Decades…Which Athletes Can Now Use To Triple Their Strength And Power Instantly…

Response rates take a fact about a product or service and put a “spin on it”…a hook makes the focus stronger and exaggerated…as long as you remain within the boundaries of truth.

A hook that is untrue, fake or implemented without class can actually hurt your business even if it increases your sales, because you lose the respect of your audience.

If you’re going to use a hook to increase response rates, just make it real:

  • The Compelling “Sprinting” Technique That A 107kg Former McDonald’s Employee Uses To Catapult Himself Across a 100m Track In 11.9 Seconds
  • How An Unemployed Warburton Man With 3 Nipples Stumbled Across The Fountain Of Youth And The Secret To Lifelong Health
  • How A South Australian Ex-Refugee Raw Meat Eater Never Brushes Or Flosses… Yet Has The Whitest Teeth You’ve Ever Seen! Learn His Amazing Secret
  • Can A Protestant Minister Show You How To Be A Better Catholic?
  • The Astonishing Secrets Of A Flat Broke Western Australian Man…Who Failed His High School English Exam…Yet Now Writes Ads That Bring In Thousands Of Dollars Every Day
  • Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards To Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks And Slices …And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game Overnight!
  • Mysterious Arizona “Human Computer” Humiliates Wall Street “Experts” for 21st Consecutive Year!
  • Wife Of Famous Movie Star Swears Under Oath Her New Perfume Does Not Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant!

Response rates and headlines live or die based on an incredible hook. So the most important piece of the puzzle in finding an incredibly powerful hook, is research.

Higher response rates are directly contributed to the time and effort you put into researching for that unusual angle or trigger, because a hook won’t just pop up.

You’ve got to be prepared to keep digging and looking deeper into the research in order to understand the significantly higher flow of excitement from an reverse engineered hook.

Response rates, remember, previously I mentioned you start with the end result in mind, so you’ll know the process and excitement because the result will utterly surprise you…

Response rates