How to Scale Up Your CPA Marketing Campaigns?

Discover the most effective CPA advertising techniques you’ve probably never used…

John Mignano

John Mignano

There’s a lot of affiliates asking about successful advertising and how to scale up their CPA marketing campaigns…

Keep reading and I’ll reveal a different advertising marketing strategy with effective ways you can scale up your CPA marketing campaign and squeeze a lot more money out of it.

What is scaling up a campaign?

Scaling up a campaign means taking it from Level 1 up to Level 10.

You’ll want to test various offers and finally track a winner that converts and is profitable for you.

Now it’s time to take it from making $100 a day to $1,000 a day and beyond.

How can you do this?

Scaling Method #1 – Expand on Keywords

If you want to scale up a marketing campaign, in most cases it means you want more volume.

How can you expand on keyword research:

  • Use long tail keywords
  • Use buyer keywords (money keywords)
  • Use broad matching (make sure to include list of negatives)
  • Use outside-the-box keywords (similar industries yet different niches)

There’s quite a few effective ways to expand on keywords if you focus on it.

Scaling Up Method #2 – New Traffic Sources

You have a CPA marketing campaign going solid in Yahoo, you’re profiting and the retruns (ROI) is good.

Why aren’t you testing Google, MSN, Ask, LookSmart, etc?

Going from Yahoo to Google alone will most likely increase your website traffic if done correctly.

MSN can also add a nice chunk of revenue in if the campaign is big enough.

Expanding to include second tier search engines, banner traffic, and media buys can really scale up your CPA marketing campaign.

Get focused on results and better use of your sources of traffic so you’ll be on the road to making more money.

Scaling Up Method #3 – Increase Adwords Keyword Bid Prices

Another way to scale up a CPA marketing campaign is to get a higher ad position with more volume to bump your revenue.

Short term your profit margins may drop marginally to increased bid price, yet if you’re getting between 3 – 5 times more volume, the end result is you can be profiting more, right?

Test bids to find a “sweet spot” where your volume shoots up and so does profit.

Would you spend $100 to make $500 or spend $9,000 to make $10,000?

Scaling Up Method #4 – Work on Ad CTR

Split test your adcopy to find the ad with the highest CTR.

The higher CTR an ad has, the more clicks go to your landing page and through the offer.

Scaling Up Method #5 – Work on Landing Page CTR

Working with ad CTR, it’s realistic to get a percent or two more out of it, which can mean increased volume.

The use of a well designed landing page can easily be of greater benefit to increase CTR.

Do you want an bump of 10% increase in website traffic with a pure profit?

Think about your offer and what would make your visitor want to click through.

Increasing CTR is like seriously ramping up volume without paying an extra dime.

Scaling Up Method #6 – Negotiate Higher Payouts

As you begin scaling up using all the methods above, your CPA marketing campaigns you should be seeing better results.

Now you go to your affiliate manager and tell them you’ve been working hard on scaling the campaign, and you want a payout increase on the offer.

Research other CPA networks that have the same offer and see how much the payout differs.

Tell them you’re doing a lot of volume and will switch if the payout is right.

A lot of times you can get an bump of an extra few dollars on an offer, which if you’re doing high volume can mean A LOT more profit.

Scaling Up Method #7 – Test Different CPA Offers

You may have been set on one offer this whole time.

Now you have a good CPA offer working, try some different offers in the same niche and see how well they convert.

You may find an offer converts just as well, yet has a much higher payout.

This means more money for you.

Add in the whole “negotiate for higher payouts” means you can be looking at a lot more profit just from changing one url.

Scaling Up Method #8 – The ultimate method of scaling…

Once you’ve optimized, tested and scaled up your CPA marketing campaign using all the methods above…

It’s time to contact the advertiser and negotiate a direct relationship.

You’ll be able to host offers directly on your domain (which means a higher quality score because you have a fully built site).

Conversion rates are generally higher and your biggest advantage is the huge payout bump.

A lot of CPA networks take around 20% on certain offers, some even more.

That’s 20% added to your revenue and is pure profit.

Now it’s time to take action, the choice is yours if you want to win big.

There you have it, how to skyrocket your profits by scaling up your CPA marketing campaigns.